Things to do in stockholm Things to do in stockholm

Things to do in Stockholm

Activities and sights in Stockholm

Here on our experiences page, we present a variety of activities and things to do, that will make your stay at Villa Källhagen even more memorable. From charming walks along Strandvägen to exciting cultural experiences on Djurgården and adventures in the Stockholm archipelago – we have something for every taste and interest. Explore our tips and let yourself be inspired for an unforgettable experience during your stay at Villa Källhagen. Welcome to discover the best of Stockholm with us!

Things to do in Stockholm with your family

Skansen – Experience Sweden’s animal and cultural heritage

Embark on an exciting journey through Sweden’s history and nature at Skansen, located just a short walk from Villa Källhagen. At Skansen, visitors can experience traditional Swedish life through historical buildings, farm animals, and living crafts. It’s a perfect place to explore for the whole family, where children and adults can learn about and appreciate Sweden’s rich cultural heritage in an interactive and engaging way.

Gröna Lund – Amusement park with rides and entertainment

Take a short walk from Villa Källhagen and enter a world of excitement and entertainment at Gröna Lund. With its many rides, attractions, and live concerts, Gröna Lund is a perfect destination for those seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures and fun times with friends and family. Let yourself be swept away by the lively atmosphere and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Junibacken – Meet Astrid Lindgren’s characters

Embark on a magical adventure through the world of fairy tales at Junibacken, located just a short walk from Villa Källhagen. Here, visitors can meet Astrid Lindgren’s beloved characters, such as Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga, and Karlsson on the Roof, and explore interactive exhibitions that bring imagination to life. Whether you’re young or old, Junibacken will enchant you with its charm and creativity.

Vasa Museum – Dive into Sweden’s maritime history

Experience a unique piece of Sweden’s maritime history at the Vasa Museum, located just a short walk from Villa Källhagen. Here, visitors can see the impressive 17th-century ship Vasa, which sank outside Stockholm and was salvaged in the 20th century. Through fascinating exhibitions and stories, visitors can learn about the ship’s dramatic fate and its significance for Swedish maritime history.

Experience Djurgården i Stockholm

Explore Royal Djurgården – An oasis of culture and nature at Villa Källhagen’s doorstep

Djurgården, one of Stockholm’s most multifaceted destinations! With Villa Källhagen as your base, you can easily explore this idyllic island filled with green spaces, cultural attractions, and historical treasures. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing picnic by the water or a cultural experience, Djurgården has something for everyone!

Rosendals Garden – An ecological oasis

Take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle and head to Rosendals Garden, a beautiful oasis of greenery and tranquility located near Villa Källhagen. Here, visitors can explore organic gardens, enjoy seasonal fresh vegetables and flowers, and experience the natural beauty of the garden. Also, visit the farm shop and café, where you can buy locally produced products and enjoy a flavorful meal in harmony with nature.

Museum Park close to Villa Källhagen

Stockholm Museum Park – A cultural treasure next to Villa Källhagen

The Museum Park is right next to Villa Källhagen – and is one of the city’s most visited tourist destinations. With over a million annual visitors, this area is a gem along the southern side of Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen.

Explore the National Museum of Science and Technology and discover the world of innovation through interactive exhibitions and exciting technology history. Step into Wisdome Stockholm and be amazed by its breathtaking adventures with world-class visualization technology. In the spherical dome, you are completely enveloped by high-resolution 3D projections, where six 8K resolution laser projectors and advanced 10.1 sound systems take you further away, deeper, and closer than ever before.

Enter the Maritime Museum and delve into Sweden’s maritime heritage with fascinating exhibitions about the history and present of shipping. Visit the Museum of Ethnography and be transported to the worlds of different cultures and civilizations through its collections of art, crafts, and objects from around the world. Also, don’t miss the Police Museum with a focus on today’s Swedish police and their equipment. At the Swedish Sports Museum, you can immerse yourself in Swedish sports and try sports activities in SportLab.

Each museum carries its unique story and contributes to shaping the rich cultural diversity in the Museum Park at Villa Källhagen. Welcome to a place where history, knowledge, and experiences await.

Explore Stockholm

Strandvägen – A majestic waterfront promenade

Enjoy a stroll along Stockholm’s beautiful Strandvägen and experience the magnificent view of the city’s inlet. With Villa Källhagen as your starting point, you can embark on this historic waterfront promenade and enjoy the calm atmosphere and beautiful landscape. Take a break at one of the charming cafes along the way or simply be inspired by the spectacular nature surrounding you.

Old Town – Explore Stockholm’s historic city center

Embark on a journey back in time and explore Stockholm’s historic city center, Old Town, located just a short walk from Villa Källhagen. Here, visitors can wander along picturesque alleys, admire historical buildings, and discover charming squares. Don’t miss visiting the Royal Palace, the Stockholm Cathedral, and the lively square Stortorget, where you can enjoy a coffee at one of the many cozy cafes.

Discover Stockholm’s best shops!

Stockholm is a shopping paradise with stores just a stone’s throw away from Villa Källhagen. In the city center, you’ll find popular department stores like Åhléns and Nordiska Kompaniet (NK), both offering a wide range of fashion, beauty, and interior design. Stroll along Drottninggatan and Biblioteksgatan to explore international fashion chains and exclusive boutiques, and don’t miss visiting Old Town for charming small shops and unique finds. Whatever you’re looking for, Stockholm has shopping for every taste, and everything is within easy reach from Villa Källhagen.

Theater and Musical – Enjoy performing arts in Stockholm

Stockholm is a vibrant city filled with culture and performing arts. Theater, musicals, and opera are an integral part of the rich cultural scene. The Royal Opera at Gustav Adolfs Torg offers classical opera performances and ballet, while Dramaten, one of the city’s most prestigious institutions, is known for its high-quality theater performances. For musical fans, China Teatern and Cirkus are popular choices, with internationally acclaimed productions. Whether you’re a theater enthusiast, music lover, or opera enthusiast, you’ll find something to be fascinated by in Stockholm’s lively and diverse theater scene.

Stockholm by water

Discover Stockholm by land and water with Ocean Bus

Take your sightseeing experience to a whole new level with Ocean Bus Stockholm – a unique and exciting way to explore the city’s waterways and roadways simultaneously! Step aboard this spectacular amphibious bus and prepare for a fun and memorable tour through Stockholm’s most famous sights and landmarks. With the captain as your guide, you’ll cruise through the city’s waters and experience fantastic views of Gamla Stan, the Palace, and Djurgården, before hopping back onto land to continue your sightseeing adventure through the city streets. With its unique concept and entertaining commentary, Ocean Bus Stockholm is a perfect choice for visitors who want to see the city’s highlights in a fun and exciting way. Experience Stockholm from both land and water with Ocean Bus – an adventure you’ll remember for years to come!

Archipelago adventure from Stockholm – Nybroplan

Experience the beauty of the archipelago with excursions from Stockholm’s Nybroplan, just a short walk from Villa Källhagen. From Nybroplan, you can easily reach the islands and cliffs surrounding Stockholm. Whether you prefer a relaxing day on an island, a guided boat tour, or an archipelago lunch by the water, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Visit Stockholm

Finally, we strongly recommend visiting the Visit Stockholm website for even more tips and inspiration for your stay in Stockholm. There you’ll find information about events, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and much more that can make your time in the city even more memorable. Go to the Visit Stockholm website and let yourself be inspired before your visit to this fantastic city!